Game Description: Dr Kamikazi on Thursday, in a few more me to destroy the planet, help on Robotboy to destroy all the coal mines before to destroy ocean flora, are trying to make your own chain reacti chemicals in order to receive extra points,Robot Boy is a game for boys in which it will have to transform itself into a super hero, you will need to feed from meteorites for that will do everything that he has hurt you or for you to eliminate from the game just as you would have had an advantage that they do not know you'll protect yourself from a sphere with which you will be able to get only the lasers that will be obstacles that you will encounter During your journey, you will have only a disadvantage with that sphere you will not be able to shoot with the laser that will get that aiming at meteors seemed to tell you will be included in your path they will be of various sizes and larger and smaller than only you will have to be very careful that it couldn't suppose even to hurt you from them, on the way you will also meet some batteries that you'll have to give them colectezi so that they'll want to take in my life

Game Instruction: In this game you will need to use the arrows you need to go back and forth and to the left and to the right to be able to pull on that enemy will have to foloseti the bar space and to be able to enable this working area scope with which you will be able to cross the will need to use Z and X

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Played By: 1025 Ori

Game rate: 65 / 100

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