Game Description: Playing this game with his The Jetson family and he's trying to help Jetson that let everyone at the place of destination appropriate but you very carefully to ensure that it will not be alone on the planet he would be in front of him all sorts e obstacles that you will have to go with great graja Jetson because he doesn't explode in his ship so that it will not longer be able to reach their destination with his passenger, and for the first time will have only two passengers, after you pass by the first traineeship you will come to the second you will have more and more passengers and on how you will go to come out following you will have even more, in This game with The Jetson family it will have to be very careful of obstacles which I'm out of the way

Game Instruction: Use the arrows to move back and forth and summarize the sloped down and to climb up and the bar space to allow passengers to their destination

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Played By: 1885 Ori

Game rate: 63 / 100

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About The Jetson family

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