Game Name: T-REX

Game Description: T-Rex goes on the road with my bike and need to gather as many points, T-Rex Express is a game of skill where do you need to help the dinozaurul T-Rex Express to gather all objects that bring points to receive energy and of moving forward to the next level, dinaozaurl T-Rex Express is a very springy and wishes to catch all the levels to go one step further, now playing this game with T-Rex Express an interesting play on which we invite him to play and to make a comment about how he liked T-Rex Express

Game Instruction: Use the arrows left and right to drive it on T-Rex Express and spacebar to remove jumped up

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Played By: 85 Ori

Game rate: 78 / 100

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About T-Rex

T-Rex we just played one of the most beautiful games online. T-Rex game is part of the Minimax. If you like T-Rex game, please vote for it using the stars in the game, for better classification of the game in the Minimax category.