Game Name: MARIO

Game Description: If indeed you've been missing games with Mario well now you can play old game with Mario this game which has been very loved by all the children, a play a Super Mario is continuing his adventures to overcome each of the levels and to get to the castle to recover on his princess, Super Mario is a game old been a long time ago to remind old games, and Super Mario adventures, the witch evil have kidnapped the princess's Mario and now you'll have to help Mario to get to the castle to retrieve the princess and of a to bring back to him, you'll be able to choose with Who do you want to play you can to choose and to play with Mario or you can choose him on Luigi, it begins and plays and now Mario's adventures for a game exciting and full of memories

Game Instruction: Use your keyboard arrows to move and jumped down use your spacebar to remove to pull

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Played By: 1437 Ori

Game rate: 83 / 100

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