Game Name: MILL

Game Description: This game die is a game that many of us we know him from his childhood that he was playing on a piece of cardboard and instead of tiles we play with the aid of beans and corn, this game is a very beautiful is trying to do with the bals band by three tokens there you were going to make a house, and you will be able to take your token but be very careful that you do not reach their impressing popularity that they should do it band of three so he wouldn't be able to tell you that she no token try in such a way that it speechless Canned hams stacked up like that you might not able to shut down Your opponent, after you've finished your doing Canned hams stacked up like you will begin to play this game but you have and then very carefully so that your opponent to open appoints you to a house, and to close down then back to have

Game Instruction: Use your mouse to be able that you will play the game this game you will not be able to see him play only with the help mouse

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Played By: 1559 Ori

Game rate: 83 / 100

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About Mill

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