Game Name: YIN YANG YO

Game Description: Carl is a hell in chemical stuff. Since it was a prichindel he liked to make new things, to be the one who makes something new,interesting,useful. But due to this fact, to find out as much chemistry, it has not been more interested in his body, hygiene, she had washed many months. But this is not a big problem. The biggest problem is that, after a long time of study in a Potions, he believes that it was the end, but the potion had negative effects after he drank it, he began to creasa enormous, and is now a monster much too high. So he did not too found a place for a shelter outside the forest ii house of several wild animals. Now he must take this lotion very often, in order to be able to resist, but wine birds, animals with which must not have any

Game Instruction: If you want to he did not tear them to those who come to greet you, press the up arrow to jump over them, and the key down to ghemuiesti. To submit, use forward arrow. You will meet in the path and houses or other objects, which if you wish you can tear them, to zdrobesti, and to do this you will also receive more points. By pressing space you will send them enemies a few poisonous gases.

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Played By: 1760 Ori

Game rate: 80 / 100

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About Yin Yang Yo

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