Game Name: BEN 10

Game Description: A meteor has reached on the planet Earth and Ben 10, you have to eliminate such meteor as quickly as possible before to destroy earth, for this Ben 10 has to destroy tori meteorites using spacebar to remove, at the top you will have a slash slide which must not fall below the level of interest, is trying to transform itself into Ghoastfreak or heal blast,uses heatblast to destroy each meteoroid Ben 10 waiting for you with the new game in which you will be percurs to arrive at the destination, the road is very dangerous and you'll have many obstacles in the past, in the way of Ben 10 will come Bulgarians to the rock, help it and you Ben 10 to get through all obstacles which they You meet and have him cordonezi as thoroughly as possible without any loss of life and to complete each level

Game Instruction: You will to use the arrows on the keyboard to cordonate Ben 10, Z for you to convert into Heatblast and X for convert into Ghostfrek and spacebar to fire

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Played By: 1141 Ori

Game rate: 100 / 100

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About Ben 10

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