Game Name: BIBI & TINA

Game Description: Bibi and Tina is a game of adventure where your mission is to ride sidesaddle his horse taken and to avoid all obstacles which you gets in his way, even now playing this game and be very careful of obstacles, the horse's mischievous Bibi and keep is a a racehorse who is very well trained in all big competitions at which participate, let me see you try this game and saddles and you a horse, in front of you will include all sorts of obstacles, "but if you'll look and you'll notice all obstacles, is trying to avoid the higher care obstacles because if you hit them you will lose points and you will not be able to go Further to the next level

Game Instruction: Use arrows key to play this game

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Played By: 5603 Ori

Game rate: 87 / 100

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About Bibi & Tina

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